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Mounting Art
Professional artisans with generations of experience providing art mounting services allowing you to have your paintings prepared for framing or wall scrolls created using your painting or prints. Our custom art mounting services allow you to have your artworks mounted and ready to frame, you can even choose from a variety silk colors for the paintings border or a scroll.
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About Our Custom Art Mounting Services

Although we specialize in mounting Chinese art, we can mount virtually any type of painting or print. Paintings are prepared for framing, with or without a silk brocade border. Art may also be mounted onto traditional Chinese or Japanese wall scrolls. To have your art mounted onto a scroll the paper must be suitable for this process, which means it must be rice paper or a similar type of paper that is flexible, so that it may be rolled up on the finished scroll.

If you have any questions about our professional art mounting services you may Contact Us via email or call our toll-free number for more information.

Chinese Art and Supplies

If you are interested in buying Chinese artworks or art supplies online please visit the Art Websites page to view a list of other sites we own. You may be interested in visiting to order a blank wall scroll or painting for those times when you would like to save time and money.

A blank wall scroll or painting allows you to create your artworks on a scroll or painting, in this way you will only need to order art mounting services for your special projects.

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